B. Riley Diversity Equity Fund

Where Our Fund Fits


The traditional mix of stocks, bonds and cash – the core of modern portfolio theory – has proven more correlative than not in the new global economy. The key question becomes: Where can individuals and institutions go for proven portfolio solutions that are broad enough and flexible enough to contend with the global macro-economic context?

In this new world of investing, portfolio selections must have the capability to perform more variable roles keyed to achieving specific investor outcomes at different times. For example, a traditional growth selection might also offer a tactical capability that helps preserve capital when specific classes or categories are out of favor.

B. Riley Diversified Equity Fund is attractive for investors who are looking to build wealth by replacing a mandate, adding to an existing smaller company mandate or acting as an off-set to some other portfolio instrument.

The Fund fits well within a variety of traditional style box or other strategic investment templates. Consider putting the power of B. Riley Asset Management’s independent thinking to work for your portfolio.

B. Riley Diversified Equity Fund Pursues the Investor Outcomes that Matter Most

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